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fresh veggies on a blanket of bubbly cheese on freshly baked bread. and when morning rolls around, the new steak and bacon muffin melt with fluffy egg, melted cheese, and, oh yeah, bacon. all on a fresh toasted english muffin. mmm. guess we should leave you lovebirds alone now. crank up the flavor at subway. for more than 70 years it's been the site of movie premiers, special events and controversy. now big changes for the senator theatre are hours away. good evening, i'm kelly swoope. tom's family has been running the senator since 1939 but tomorrow management will be transferred to a new operator. abc 2 news christian schaefer is live at the senator where they
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had two special showings tonight. chris. >> reporter: and the second of those two showings ended a half hour ago but there's still quite a few people here milling around outside the theatre. a lot of them that we talked to say they simply don't want to go home. the former owner, is also out here talking to some of his patrons. tonight the big show was the rare original print of the film star wars, a new hope. it looked fantastic on the senator's 40-foot screen. fans lined up to see it and it's wonder what is going to come next for the senator. >> turn the lights down and take a magical journey together. [ applause ]. >> reporter: may be he will ever want do with his family theatre. [ star wars theme ]. . [ applause ]. >> reporter: and he got to do it for one more show. no complaints from the fans. >> ever since i first saw it i
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wanted to see it on the big screen owe aim glad i finally got to see it. >> reporter: but they want to know if they can come back for more magical journeys. >> as long as something stays here dedicated to movies that would be great. >> i want to see something that isn't always hanging by a thread. >> reporter: after a year of financial problems, tom keysover lost it to foreclosure last year and will transfer ownership tomorrow. keysover has been critical of the process but kept his comments to good times. >> today is about 71 years of laughing it up and moving on. [ inaudible ]. >> reporter: he did admit that in his view, star wars was at the very least a shot at the forces that are moving him out. >> light and dark, evil -- good
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and evil. >> maybe. >> reporter: everybody knows how the movie ends. [ applause ]. >> reporter: they're less certain about what's next for the senator theatre. >> hopefully it will be reopened soon and the next crew coming along will have the privilege of operating this theatre like nigh family did for 71 -- my family did for 71 years. >> reporter: the crowds are starting to wind down. now, we do know that the new managers of the senator theatre are not going to start showing movies right away. what we don't know is exactly how long the marquee is going to stay dark. christian schaefer, abc2 news. a car crash sends a baltimore city police officer to shock trauma. it happened at the intersection of south payson and west prat
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street. a marked patrol car collided with a civilian vehicle. the police car was responding to a car fo an officer needing assistance, in a separate incident that officer was cut and taking to st. agnes hospital. the driver of the other car involved in the crash was not seriously injured. new information tonight on that 5-year-old hit by a city police cruiser. it happened last night in north baltimore. investigators say the child ran in front of the police car which was on routine patrol. the officer swerved to avoid him. the boy was not seriously injured. and a murky mystery in west baltimore solved and the news is better than expected last night. we reported on the car that ended up upside down but today witnesses told detectives that a group of juveniles were in the car when it lost control. they got out and ran away. police are trying to find them and determine whether or not the
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car was stolen. in howard county, officials are making sure they're ready to deal with any potential flooding. emergency mansionment agency is helping officials develop a plan identifying flood areas in the county. >> we cannot develop this plan in a bubble. we need input from people. and the more input we get from people, the more the plan becomes howard county's plan. >> another public meeting will be held august 11th. no extreme weather, no rain, no nothing, just hot. and according to wyatt it's going to be getting hotter. here's here with a look at our first forecast. >> so far this evening we're done with the thunderstorm action across most of maryland, it has come closer in the last couple of hours, especially for those of you up in northern harford county. we have severe thunderstorm watch for all southern p.a..
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couple of warnings moving toward maryland. the most powerful radar in motion now, couple of cells north of the line moving south and eastward. take you to live radar and show you briefly the track on the cell as it continues to move nits current direction. maybe into posit in another hour here. that's if it holds together. for the most part things have been quiet tonight and through the day tomorrow, it's a hot one and thunderstorm-free it would appear. drier, hotter weather, the theme for the next several days. in fact, triple digit heat is in the forecast. we'll talk about when that happens coming up in a few. this is child pornography whether people want to believe it or not. >> one local mother's outrage over her daughter's full body air port scan has become a hot topic. the 12-year-old daughter was
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pulled out of land and chosen at random for a full body scan. her mother is clearly unhappy and our viewers are sounding off on line. sherry writes in, i think of it in the same way as going to the doctor pour getting surgery. it's not nudity. chances are the person who has seen a million naked people. if i were a mother i would rather have my child go through the scanner rather than a pat down. to view a scanner as child porn she says is ridiculous. i didn't see anyone making a fuss about these scans. and final hi, simple solution: get the pat down or don't fly. nobody forces her to fly. and even michelle weighed in. she says she believes the body scans are the equivalent of a strip search. she also says her daughter watts taken away from an adult with whom she was traveling and that
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is against the tsa's own policy. big concern tonight over the comfort. the navy is considering moving the hospital ship from its home at port of baltimore to norfolk. representatives in washington are trying to block the move saying it will cost local jobs. and tonight police in belair have a suspect saying mohammed fired a shot that killed a man and injured 15-year-old girl outside the american legion post on north bond street on sunday. initially none of the hundred witnesses talked but in follow-up interviews detectives got the lead they needed to identified mohammed. if you have any information on mohammed's whereabouts, call the baltimore police department.
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you could be eligible for a reward. people in prince george county say they tracked down a serial killer. they're suspected of killing two women and their daughters last year in largo and according to authorities the suspect holds two masters degrees and was so deceptive that he duped the f.b.i. investigator into believing he wasn't responsible. >> in the history of the united states, that bad. >> now, police won't name the man just yet. the case has to go before a grand jury before charges are filed. for now, he's behind bars on other charges. more trouble tonight for johnson and johnson. a ton of violations that the company's plant in pennsylvania after federal inspections within the last month. the company is in the middle of massive recall, you know tylenol
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is made at that plant. carelessness in cleaning and maintaining equipment and failure to check products for quality after equipment failures are part of the violations. before you swipe the debit card, listen up. a man stole money using a skimming device. he attached the device to an atm and can capture the card and pin numbers at the site. authorities say the best way to protect yourself is to always take a good look at the atm before you use it. >> residents need to be aware as they approach atm bank machines for an external device or components of the atm that appear to be attached secondary or after construction of the machine. >> if you have information that could help authorities catch this guy you can call the carroll county hip hot line at
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1-888-399-tips. new at 11 tonight, a baltimore-based food company is doing its part to end child hungry. dominoe sugar had a bake sale today. it's in partnership with share our strength, whose goal is to end childhood hunger by the year 2015. >> one in four children in america are at risk for hunger. an amazing statistic in this rich country we have. what share of strength does is there's plenty of food and help kids connect with food. >> organizers hope to raise between 2 and $3,000 and dominoe will match that total. for more information on how you can help share our strength, all have you to do is go to our website,, and click on the story. years ago it seemed that mortgage companies couldn't give home loans away fast enough. of course, we all know what happened next. the subprime mortgage crisis from which the economy is still
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trying to recover. now comes word tonight that some companies are denying mortgages to pregnant women. . >> plus, the stage is set for one california city to become the silicon valley of the marijuana industry. i'm meteorologist wyatt everhart. radar is quiet all evening. now we're seeing storms making their way into maryland. we'll talk about that. and a hot weekend forecast is coming up.
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. well, a maryland summertime tradition is as much about politics as it is about food. thousands turned out for the annual j miller toss clam bake
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in chrisville. while most out of towners were there for the crab and other delicacies, the event is an important date on the campaign calendarment just ask the two men running for governor. >> almost kind a political rite of passage. >> this is tradition. it's about maryland, it's have-to. part of our political heritage in our state. >> this is the 34th year for the clam bake. president obama has signed what he calls the strongest financial reform and consumer protection law in history. morn other things, the law creates a consumer financial protection agency and gives the government new powers to break up companies considered too big to fail. top republicans are calling for the law to be repealed. a white house about-face involving a black employee forced to resign. in a video posted on a
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conservative website agriculture department official shirley sherrod talked about helping a white farmer because of his race. the complete version shows she was talking about the larger context about overcoming racial bias. sherrod has accepted an apology and is being offered a new position. it's unclear whether or not she'll accept the job. after insisting for months he'd clear his name in court, blagojevich chose not to take the stand in its trial. blagojevich says the prosecution proved his case when presenting its case. severe turbulence caused dozens of injuries on a united airlines flight. some passengers thrown from their seat on the flight from
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washington to los angeles last night and several people had to be hospitalized. the plane was diverted to denver so the injured could get medical attention. a baltimore county man is charged with child abuse after police say he left his 5-year-old daughter inside a steaming hot pickup. now, witnesses say they spotted the child inside the hokd pickup at the low's on sunday monday. police arrived and broke a window to rescue the child. when the father came out, they took him into custody. a frightening ordeal for a georgia mom. she sent her newborn son in a car when she dropped off her daughter at a daycare. the van was where in sight when she came out. the thief said he found the baby on the side of a road and he was a teacher and was late for
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school. >> he had a conscience and he wanted to put the baby close. >> tonight mom and baby are back together and that thief is still on the run. another big roadbalk has been cleared on the road to large scale marijuana production in california. oakland city council is one vote away from passing an ordinance that would award 4 permits to huge pot growing farms. independent growers are angry saying it will put it out of business. well, in an agreement announced today johns hopkins medicine says it had require all children's hospital and health system of st. peter'sburg florida. it's the first acquisition outside the baltimore/washington area. they will combine resources to seek funds for medical research. no mortgages for pregnant
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women? and does the uma really give you free phone service? john matarese has the answers to these so you don't waste your money. >> reporter: thinking of buying a house and applying for a mortgage? with today's record low mortgage rates in greatser baltimore, you may want to hold off on having the new baby. lenders are toughening their lending standards more because they're rejecting some applicants because the couple is expecting. lenders worry the wife may not return to work. lenders are calling employers and asking them to confirm your income and confirm thul's have the salary next queer, too. how would you like a phone without the monthly bill. one little box may be the answer. uma, latest internet phone, and it promises to give you free calling. it's easy to set up. you plug it into your internet service and voila, long distance. you get caller id and 911 service and you can keep your
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old number for a fee. the big draw back is a price tag. it costs $200 for the unit but it can pay for itself in 6 to 8 months. it is sold on line. you will need high speed internet, thoughment for more reports, go to our website, click on the money tab at the top so you don't waste your money. i'm john matarese. . heat creeping back in our direction, huh? >> as if we needed more, right, kelly? we've been above average. 35 days above 90 degrees this summer and now triple digit heat this weekend. couple of storms out there tonight but nothing like last night. take a look outside and it is a muggy, steamy night in the city. 82 degrees right now. humidity 65% and a severe thunderstorm watch just north of maryland. basically the philly area doesn't have it any more but
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central p.a. does. if you're watching from some areas north of the line, toward new freedom, here are the storms we're tracking. there are two of them. i go on the live suite mode here wael quick and these storms tracking southeast at about 25 to 30 miles an hour, so they'll continue to track toward wilmington. this small cell could make its way into cecil county, places like rising sun in 44 minutes or so just to give you an idea. that's if these two storms that we have hold their strength together. but again, right now, these storms are just strong, they're not severe. want to take you into our weather net camera today. hey, kind of a post card shot here over the inner harbor. hot day, low 90s. but nice clearing toward sunset. atmosphere got capped so no thunderstorm activity. had a layer of air up above that kept the lid on things so that was good for us. 95 hot degrees downtown today. the airport was 93.
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and right now, this is at this moment, we feel like 90 because the humidity is just so high. heat index of 89 over the airport. few storms to creep in to our north eastern counties but for the most part we're out of the thunderstorm threat. through the day tomorrow looks like all sunshine on our forecast model so a hotter sunnier day. better day to get your tan if you haven't been able do that. still watching a large tropical disturbance, 50/50 shot this to become a tropical storm or hurricane, it's moving ever closer to florida and the gulf. back here in maryland, hot weather, 92 or so tomorrow and probably hotter in most places. and then we're pushing 100 on friday. i think we get to 100 on saturday. hot weekend ahead. 74, chance of a few storms
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northeast tonight. 94 tomorrow, sunny, hot. less humid. and less stormy tomorrow. just a few clouds tomorrow night as we go less muggy but that drier air heats up. so we have 97 or so as we roll into friday. pushing 100 degrees, not just friday but saturday. looks like we get there and staying hot through the weekend. no relief until early next week. stick with us. we'll be right back.
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. this is stan the fan charles with the press box sports report. the oand and rays in a matinee affair, this pitch longoria owned his 14th home run of the
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season and tampa had a 1-0 lead in the 1st. by the 5th inning they tied it at 4-4 only to give the lead back up on this 6th on this bases loaded walk to longoria. here's the lats out of the game. rays walk off with 5-4 win. ravens safety ed reed talks to the media about burgess physical condition and his contract. reed says' not happy with his contract and some undefined ways the ravens could be showing him some support. reed also told 105.7 the fan that he expects to start this season on the physically unable to perform list which would make his debut october 24th versus the bills. training camp starts next tuesday. the ravens report.
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. tomorrow on good morning maryland you may be looking for a different birthday gift for kwlur kids and grandparents so we'll break down the best gift whether they're for an 8-year-old or 58-year-old. that story plus weather and traffic all coming up tomorrow on good morning maryland.
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. kelly, one last check at maryland's most powerful radar. we have a couple of showers in the north. pretty weak, one toward harford county. hot steam tomorrow. get rid of the thunderstorm risk. but ready, hotter weather into the weekend. >> that's it for us. we're back tomorrow. have a great night. >> we'll see you. [ female announcer ] welcome to busch gardens virginia,
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